Global Partners

We partner with organizations within the Asian-Pacific region that have a global vision and business strategy and have recognized the need for global learning and organizational development which supports the successful implementation of this strategy. We also partner with organizations that are in the process of making that transformation and have recognized the need to review their learning and development strategy from a more global perspective.

This means that we need to be able to combine local consulting and discovery services with the design and delivery of global learning interventions. We can expand the scope of our learning interventions on the basis of our relationships with the Odyssey Group, Spring Consultants and Ander & Lindstrom Partners - our strategic partners who are based in the UK, Germany and Sweden and who operate in Europe and North America.


Organizational Change with Ander & Lindstrom Partners

Ander & Lindstrom Partners is the consulting firm that has been working with Claes Janssen to bring the Four Rooms of Change to the world. Clients are found in all sectors of society, in all kinds of businesses and industries, in large and small social systems and in almost every corner of the world. Ander & Lindstrom Partners support management and employees to build constructive working relationships internally and externally. They enable customers to keep anxiety at a creative level and ensure sufficient stability to deal effectively with increasingly complex issues.

Ander & Lindstrom Partners itself is an enterprise built to be stable enough to support flexible solutions. Organizational consulting is a local and very personal, sometimes almost private matter. Yet it exists in an increasingly global working and business environment. One of the strengths of their consultants is the ability to work across boundaries and bridge gaps between geographies, cultures, religions, genders, ages, professions and levels of authority. Ander & Lindstrom Partners are based in Sweden, and operate globally. For more information, please go to


Cultural Integration with Spring Consultants

Spring Consultants advise international companies and organizations worldwide; providing support for management and teams. They optimize international businesses processes by offering unique solutions for organizational profit and sustainable growth in; international leadership assessment and development, international process and strategy consulting, international project management and multicultural and remote teambuilding.

Spring Consultants specialize in consulting, coaching, assessment and workshop facilitation that promotes cultural diversity and cross-cultural integration. They are based in Germany and operate across Europe and overseas. For more information on Spring Consultants, please go to


Leadership Development with the Odyssey Group

The Odyssey Group creates defining learning and development experiences for managers and executives in global organisations. Programs produce proven dramatic shifts in their client's ability to learn, grow, respond, innovate and succeed in their chosen markets. Blending the latest proven research with the best classical development work, and, with a policy of only employing facilitators with highly successful operational backgrounds, they bring an entirely new and cutting edge approach to creating competitive advantage. The Odyssey Group believes that a core competence for all organisations is the ability to learn, adapt and be flexible in how they lead and engage with stakeholders.

Feedback from the work they undertake consistently reports a significant return on the investment and transference of learning into the workplace. The Odyssey Group judges success on measurable commercial returns for their clients.  Experiences are entirely bespoke and tailored to your needs.  They have been described by participants as hard, pragmatic, different - stimulating, engaging and intensive, uniquely powerful and a call to action. The Odyssey Group is based in the UK, and operates globally. For more information on the Odyssey Group, go to

Clarion Learning is very proud to be associated with our global partners. These relationships enable us to provide fully-integrated international leadership development programs, organizational consulting and learning interventions for our global clients.

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