Learning for Organizational Change

'Change is only another word for learning. Therefore, the theories of learning will also be the theories of changing. If you want to change, try learning, one might say, or more precisely, if you want to be more in control of your change, take learning more seriously.' - Charles Handy

Discovery Day with the Organizational Barometer

The Organizational Barometer and the associated 1-day group discovery process is our tool of choice when initiating a learning intervention with a client and the event can be conducted with a group of 10 to 200 people. The Discovery Day is also ideal for a group that have recently experienced a significant change in their external environment; a new group leader, an integration of two departments or a merger with another external organization, significant downsizing or growth, a major restructuring or new business process etc.. Alternatively, it could be one of your senior executive teams who would like to 'get a feel' for the organizational climate or culture in their business unit and/or country.


Team of Leaders Workshop

Without the commitment from a team of leaders, change initiatives cannot succeed. Depending upon the level of intervention that team of leaders is built at the local, regional or global leadership level. A team of leaders is not simply a management group tasked with implementing the change. They must think, feel and act as a team. The first step in learning for organizational change is to build this team. The central objective of the Team of Leaders workshop is not only to ensure that the vision driving the change is clear but also that the executive team is fully aligned with the desired change.


Team and Personal Development with the Outsider Scale

Claes Janssen's groundbreaking research on individual and collective self-censorship and defense mechanisms showed that there are two very distinct perspectives or views of reality and that people on either end of the spectrum have either a willingness or unwillingness to censor reality. These differences can become increasingly significant at the individual and group level at times of significant change when people find themselves under a lot of stress. The Team and Personal Development Day is ideal for groups and teams that would like to develop their capability to come together, stay together and work together during a time of significant change in their organization.


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