Team Learning Events

Our team learning interventions are generally designed following intensive discussions with the team leader and possibly other representatives of our client organizations and following a team assessment and/or personal interviews with team members (either face-to-face or on the telephone). However to give you an idea of how a learning intervention could look, we have generated some example overviews of possible workshop content based on team development research, theory and best practice.

Team Kick-Off

The objective of this workshop is to establish a common platform for international groups that wish to implement clear and elevating goals, engage in team dialog to clarify expectations, build relationships and trust and begin their team development journey.


Teams in Conflict

The objective of this workshop is to help international teams deal with differences constructively, accept and adapt their different communication styles and recognize that conflict is an important and powerful process that supports creativity and change.


High-Performance Teams

The objective of this workshop is to help international teams recognize that each individual team member has their own strengths and talents that can contribute to achieving team goals and then exploit those strengths to maximize team performance.


Remote and Virtual Teams

The objective of this workshop is to help remote and/or virtual teams assess their current team effectiveness and stage of development, identify their strengths and gaps and develop an action plan to improve their team's current and future performance.


Team of Leaders

The objective of this workshop is to help the senior executive team to create shared vision, to support creativity, innovation and collaboration across the matrix organization, to develop an empowered and engaged organizational culture and to create significant change and sustainable business results.


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